Round 25 (Seizure)

09.01.2021 - By EM Clerkship

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Case Introduction

You are working a shift at EM Clerkship General when you are called to the waiting room by the charge nurse for a seizing patient.

Initial Vitals

* Temp 99.0F* HR 97* RR 16* BP 120/80* O2 90%

Critical Actions

* Perform airway maneuvers to clear obstruction* Administer IV Benzodiazepines * Administer Hypertonic Saline* Diagnose Anterior Shoulder Dislocation* Perform & Describe Shoulder Reduction Procedure

Further Reading

EMDOCs – Anterior Shoulder

ALiEM – Park Method for Anterior Shoulder Dislocation

EMCrit – Hyponatremia

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