Roz & Mocha – Episode 67

03.01.2019 - By Roz & Mocha

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Mocha & Maurie test out "The Koala Challenge", the latest internet trend where one person stands while a second person climbs around them, mimicking a koala climbing around a tree. How offended would you be if a friend blocked you on social media just to see how long it would take you to notice? The Roz & Mocha Show chats with Mary J. Blige about her new Netflix show "The Umbrella Academy". Jay Barauchel who's a massive Habs fan tells us why we should support his "How To Train Your Dragon" film as Leafs fans. What if your car could talk? What would it say and how would it sound? Plus, would you sign a "dating prenup", where each person lays out one's demands for the relationship - from what they want and don't want, and who gets to keep the belongings if they break up.

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