Rules For Communicating With Women

03.08.2014 - By Marni's Wing Girl Method

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Do you know how to communicate with women?  Remember, communication does not just mean talking to women. Communication is the full picture of the way you express yourself and who you are to a woman.
Communication can be done through touch, body language, words and emotions.
Believe it or not, I have created a system for communication with women.  I know me, the anti-system girl creating a system.  But as you know, I believe that sometimes you gotta start off with a system to learn the basics. Then you can toss the system aside once!!
I have included this system in my at home program, How To Become A Man Women Want!
But here is a sneak peak at one of the many MP3’s that is included in this system. It’s an interview I did with Jake, who happens to be my friend’s new boyfriend.
It’s on How To Communicate With Women and Create A Strong Bond So She’ll Never Want To Leave You.
The reason I wanted to interview Jake about this topic is because before I met him, I was already impressed with him.  From what my girlfriend was telling me, Jake was a master in communication. With a few simple words, mixed with extreme emotional confidence, he was able to make my girlfriend be and feel: Secure, comforted, loved and open!
Not many men can do this in a matter of days with a woman.
So I knew I had to talk with him.
To listen to portion of our 33-minute interview where we discuss:
– how to avoid the friend zone through communication
– when to think and when to feel with women
– the importance of decision making and being a leader
– why the way you communicate can either turn a woman off or on
– how to ask a woman on a date to ensure she says YES!
You can Download It Here or you can listen below:
To hear the rest of the interview and get the full How To Become A Man Women Want System Click Here.
The rest of interview reveals Jake’s magic sentence that he uses that he says will make any woman stop nagging instantly!!! (This one you gotta hear). After hearing it, I totally agreed!
Click Here to hear the whole interview and get the full system.
To read more about the system go to
The post Rules For Communicating With Women appeared first on Marni's Wing Girl Method.
The post Rules For Communicating With Women appeared first on Marni's Wing Girl Method.

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