RunOut #64: How to Be Funny on Instagram and Why Everest is OVER

07.09.2021 - By The RunOut Podcast

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We’re back with a hot take: Everest is OVER. The past season suffered from a COVID outbreak and a cynical authoritarian crackdown that even left some of Everest’s biggest cheerleaders with their pompoms down and deflated.

Our main bit features the guy behind the Climberisms account on Instagram: Dylan Taylor, a routesettering at Touchstone Climbing in Los Angeles. Dylan’s puts the truth to what pro climbers might be thinking with his raw impersonations that he dubs over actual videos. From Daniel Woods to Adam Ondra, Sean Bailey to Alex Honnold, no one is safe from getting climberism’d.

Our final bit is telegraphed in by the deep baritone of John Long reading an excerpt from his new book Icarus Syndrome from Di Angelo Publications. For the full story reading, become a Rope Gun today.

Show Notes

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Alan Arnette’s round up of Everest 2021.

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