Russiagate Conspiracy, Ghost Photo, Incorrupt Corpses |131|

03.26.2019 - By Magical Mystery Radio: Conspiracy & Paranormal Review

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John's bursting with pride at his unerring ability to see the future. John knows all. Trust in John. Yes, the Mueller report has been delivered. Yes, it's a massive letdown. Yes, Trump is still president. John argues that we are living through one of the most egregious and elaborate conspiracies in American history. Adam discovers he's famous. Or at least, a "ghost photo" he took 27 years ago is. Among a certain cohort of modern ghostbusters. He tells the true story of his apparently classic (who knew?) "man in tree" photograph.  Also, we talk about verifiable Catholic Miracles - in particular, incorrupt corpses. Because why not?

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