Ryan Depaulo (YouTuber/WSOP Bracelet Winner) Part 2

07.23.2020 - By The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

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(Timestamps below) Ryan Depaulo is back after we had some technical issues our last time around!!! Ryan recently won a WSOP.com bracelet for $160,000 playing from a parking lot of a Whole Foods (he is known for doing random type of things like this.) Ryan is a poker player here on YouTube who makes VLOGS and plays online poker. Ryan has a very hardcore fanbase who enjoy following his degenerate adventures around the USA as he plays poker and gamblers on other types of games. His girlfriend and friends are often apart of the adventure as well.




0:00 Guest introduction, skateboarding while playing a WSOP event, software glitches while playing final table

15:21 Going pro, punting, GTO in poker, RDP relationship with his gf and poker, RDP vlogging career progress

30:42 RDP broadway job, parkour running joke, the degen lifestyle, lifestyle change for the better

57:35 Answering chat questions, ACR problems/improvements, ghosting in poker, changes in poker popularity between MTT/cashgames 1:30:22 Marketing in poker, security issues in poker, interacting with chat, Doug Polk story

1:49:36 Doug Polk confrontation story, Dnegs marketing strats, RDP future goals and more

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