Sad Emotional Music

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00:00​ Tristan Barton - Interlude02:26​ Gísli Gunnarsson - Birds Of Paradise05:54​ Mustafa Avşaroğlu - When the Last Hope Runs Out08:27​ Linus Johnsson - Nya Dagar13:01​ Revolt Production Music - Lost in You14:59​ Salvatore Lo Presti - Animals Phone Home18:40​ Julien Journet - Sinking In The Rain21:18​ Amann - Believe Reprise24:20​ Julien Journet - Now27:49​ Atis Freivalds - Heartbeats31:10​ FORM '95 - Image34:53​ Salvatore Lo Presti - Endless Sea37:51​ PHANTOM - Uprising39:50​ Atis Freivalds - Last Forever43:30​ Mustafa Avşaroğlu - The Girl in the Woods, She Is Your Destiny46:29​ Sami J Laine - Last Farewell48:52​ Rachel F. Williams - One Last Time Together51:25​ Falk Wünsch - Live58:07​ Atis Freivalds - Above The Light1:00:14​ Tristan Barton - Eris's Debt1:03:56​ Atis Freivalds - You're Beautiful1:06:20​ Synapse Trailer Music - Insight1:08:26​ Brian Jilg - Serenity of Sunrise

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