#106 Sano Genetics on Autism Genetics

08.23.2019 - By DNA Today: A Genetics Podcast

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This episode launches a new series within the show: crossover episodes! I’m teaming up with other genetics podcast to invite hosts of other shows to join me on DNA Today and sometimes I’ll be a guest on their show as well.

Kicking off this new series is Dr. Patrick Short, the CEO of Sano Genetics. He is experienced in genomics research with a focus on large-scale genome sequencing projects and rare disorders. Previously he was at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the University of Cambridge in England. We explore current understandings of genetics of autism and Sano Genetics’s studies.

On This Episode We Discuss:
Sano Genetics’ for Patients, Consumers and Researchers
Eligible Participants For Sano Genetics' Studies
Underlying Autism and Mathematical Ability
Current Understanding of Autism Genetics
Genetic Testing for Autism
University of Cambridge’s Autism Research Studies
Largest Study of Psychological Sex Differences and Autistic Traits

This episode is one part of our conversation, to hear the other half of our conversation check out their podcast, “The Genetics Podcast”. On that episode, Dr. Patrick Short interviews me about genetic counseling and cytogenetics.

Stay tuned for the next new episode of DNA Today next week on Friday September 6th. New episodes are released on the first Friday of the month with some bonus episode thrown in there, like this one!

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This summer I was interviewed on a few podcasts including In EyeSight talking about impact social media’s impact on the rare diseases community and on Dr. Mara Karpel’s Your Golden Years sharing about genetic counseling and testing.

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