Sardonicast #70: Tenet, The Devil All the Time, Stalker

10.05.2020 - By Sardonicast

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0:01 Durr Plant

1:00 TENET

24:59 The Devil All the Time

40:01 Stalker

1:16:57 What are some real world stories you want to see adapted into films?

1:28:15 What character do you relate the most to?

1:30:56 What’s a movie you refuse to watch, no matter how good people tell you it is, simply because you don’t care about it? - reddit user Poo On Face

1:32:15 What do you think of the “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” series? Are there any other webseries you enjoy?

1:39:19 How much does the context of a film impact your rating?

1:44:49 What do you think about phrases like “insert director name here is the next Kubrick*”?

1:50:02 Alex’s Recommendation (2010: The Year We Made Contact) and Guest Announcement (Cosmonaut Variety Hour)

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