Sardonicast #73: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Tokyo Story

11.16.2020 - By Sardonicast

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0:00 - Intro

1:46 - Adam played Hunt Down the Freeman

15:20 - Nightmare on Elm Street

42:00 - Tokyo Story

1:07:48 - Q&A;

1:08:00 - Do you think people being so focused on directors when discussing a film undermines other's work on the film, like set designers, concept artists, etc

1:10:50 - Are there any movies you think benefitted from a low budget (or perhaps the other way around, any high budget movies you think had too big a budget for their own good)?

1:15:54 - What are your thoughts on the people who don't like Charlie Kaufman's work because they think the characters are pathetic or privileged?

1:18:07 - Do you think there will ever be a point in time where VFX becomes indistinguishable to real life, or do you think the audience’s eyes will always adapt to and notice it?

1:24:40 - Do you gentlemen consider it viable for films to leave in footage of people, whether actors or stunt people, genuinely being injured? Is it exploitative or is it justified in that it provides the effect needed?

1:27:15 - What’s your opinion on television shows that try to tackle internet cultule?

1:32:09 - My girlfriend and I just watch Brazil. We both didn’t like the film. Alex, I follow you on Letterboxd and saw you gave it five stars. What did you like about the film? Adam and Ralph I would like to know you opinions too.

1:35:46 - What are your thoughts on YouTube Poop?

1:37:45 - What are your opinions on listening to album leaks? Is it morally wrong or disrespectful to the artist to listen to there music early?

1:44:30 - What makes reincorporation and callbacks work in a film?

1:46:03 - Is ther any good movies based off the lovecraftian mythos or on cosmic horror? If they aren't any do you think that there is a reason for that?

1:48:37 - Are there any banned/ unreleased films that you are most interested in watching? For example, Don’s Plum or The Day the Clown Cried.

Alex's recommendation: Naked (1993)

(Timestamps by christian larson)

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