Sardonicast #93: The Suicide Squad, Fanny and Alexander

08.30.2021 - By Sardonicast

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0:00 - Intro

23:37 - The Suicide Squad

44:50 - Fanny and Alexander

1:19:54 - Q&A;

1:20:07 - Do you have any scary stories of your troubles with YouTube and their bad moderation?

1:28:27 - Is the Sardonicast logo font the Naruto font?

1:29:06 - What are some of the most valuable cinematic failures to watch?

1:32:02 - Favorite Pizza toppings?

1:38:16 - What backstory behind a film production altered your perception among rewatch?

1:40:36 - Have any of you ever been in a fist fight?

1:44:12 - Alex Recommends Your Name (2016)

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