Sasquatch Watch Radio Welcomes Bill Munns

10.29.2014 - By Sasquatch Watch Radio

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Join us Tuesday night October 28, 2014 at 9pm eastern as we welcome Bill Munns to the show!  Many know Bill as the guy who has done analysis of the famous Patterson-Gimlin Film of 1967 which many people call the "Bigfoot Film". Bill has been actively researching and analyzing this film now for several years.  Bill is a makeup artist, a "creature guy" (one who makes creature costumes for films and TV), a costume expert (although the general and popular meaning of "costume" is some type of tailored cloth apparel, and makeup artists usually don't do that, instead making body suits of rubber, resinous plastics, and fur materials). It was this professional background which first brought him to actively research the film, as he intended to apply his knowledge of fur costumes and "ape suits" to the debate about the film, because many people are of the opinion that what is seen in the film is a hoaxed event with a human wearing some kind of fur suit.  Join us as we have an interesting conversation with Bill!

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