Saying Goodbye (with Sharon Spell)

02.27.2017 - By Stupid Human Suits

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There is no good way to say goodbye to the stupid human suits who tailored you into this world. Or is there? This week comedian and storyteller Sharon Spell stops by for a totally casual, not at all omg-inducing retelling of how she was "really lucky to be there" when both her parents died within weeks of each other. HER WORDS, NOT OURS! Look, it makes sense when she explains it. If you have parents, you'll really appreciate this episode. And if you're an asexually produced human-coral hybrid made from a clonal polyp that budded off from a parent polyp....uh, we'd love to have you on too if only so we can call the episode "Reef Madness." SHS is famous for having all the LULZ.

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