Scaling video processing with Deep Learning - ML 033

06.17.2021 - By Adventures in Machine Learning

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In this episode we talk with Serhii Maksymenko about how to scale video processing with DL frameworks. From buffered asynchronous processing to how to get started with projects of this complexity, Serhii discusses his project work and unique take on how to build these systems without breaking the bank.


Ben Wilson
Charles Max Wood
Francois Bertrand


Serhii Maksymenko 


Dev Influencers Accelerator


Deep Learning-based Real-time Video Processing
LinkedIn: Serhii Maksymenko


Ben- MLOps Community

Ben- Hands-on Scala Programming

Ben- Sixteen Different Flavours of Hell 

Charles- Who Now How

Charles- Masters Swim Team
Charles-  As a Man Thinketh

Charles- Psycho-Cybernetics

Francois- Featuretools

Francois- Comet

Serhii- Atomic Habits

Contact Ben:

GitHub | BenWilson2/ML-Engineering
GitHub | databrickslabs/automl-toolkit
LinkedIn: Benjamin Wilson

Contact Charles: | Facebook
Twitter: ( @devchattv )

Contact Francois:

Francois Bertrand
GitHub | fbdesignpro/sweetviz

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