SCARED? |Ghost Stories & Bigfoot and UFO Encounters

By Philip Holmes | Real Ghost Stories and Bigfoot & Sasquatch Sightings

What's SCARED? |Ghost Stories & Bigfoot and UFO Encounters about?

SCARED? is a fortnightly podcast with real scary stories. Listeners from around the world tell us, in their own words, experiences that made them scared. Hosted by award winning English presenter Phil Holmes. Ghosts, Aliens, UFOs, Haunted Houses, everything Paranormal. A Top 40 Podcast from the start. RECENT REVIEWS : “This show is great. Phil has an amazing voice and I could listen for hours", "I recorded this for a late night road trip and it was perfect. I had to pee but this show freaked me out so much I couldn’t bring myself to stop off the highway. Such a cool show. I can’t wait for more!”, "“This show brought me back to the old days of watching Unsolved Mysteries, the X Files and Paranormal Detectives"...... Anything unexplained. Real people. Real stories. Real scary.

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