0202 | Searching

08.09.2019 - By True Crime Bullsh**: The Story of Israel Keyes

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In this episode we use Israel Keyes's known victims to make sense of some of the NAMUS-44, and how his search terms might help us determine which of those 44 could be unknown victims of his. Plus, a weird rental car pattern emerges, and Keyes goes to Belize.This episode was sponsored by Care/Of. Go to takecareof.com and enter promo code TRUECRIMEBS for %25 off.To learn more: www.truecrimebullshit.com To support the show: www.patreon.com/truecrimebsWritten, researched, edited, and produced by Josh Hallmark Music by William Hellfire, Radial Face, Sergey Cheremisinov, Whithe, Lee Rosevere, and Lord HuronPromo: Lords of Death

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