Season 4 - Episode 27

12.11.2019 - By They Walk Among Us - UK True Crime

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Wild Park, is an area of land, several miles from Brighton's coast. Within that park stands a wooden bench and a brass plaque, inscribed with the names of two little girls. When the bench was built it sat between two maple trees that were planted in their memory. Karen and Nicola were only nine years old when they were murdered. The investigation to bring their killer to justice would take over three decades, and the toll it took on those involved was unimaginable — a failed trial, divorce, death from a broken heart, a change in the law, unfounded accusations of abuse, and all while the girls killer was in prison for a separate albeit near-identical crime. This is the case of the Babes In The Wood (Part 1 of 4)... more information and episode references can be found on our website at
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