Secret Agent Brett & How The Case of the Kaycee Double Dip

08.17.2018 - By BB Updates 2017

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Well things went bad again for the crew calling themselves "The Hive" which is really just a rebranding of the same "Clueless Crew" that's been missing out on every event in the house! This week started with Hayleigh winning HOH then deciding to backdoor someone she already tried to backdoor, so she's completely missed the concept of the idea of a surprise backdoor. Meanwhile the pesky Hacker Comp happens and the winner removes herself, only to find it was completely pointless as the backdoor once again fails on Hayleigh the second week in a row when Tyler (obviously knowing hes going up) wins yet another Veto sending Kaycee back up when he uses it on Angela. So if they Hacker can remove someone....that person can go back up? WHAT WAS THE POINT OF IT ALL? What a weird week. Lets not forget the great gameplay this week as Brett jumps up to major "GAMER!" status! It's all LIVE TONIGHT 11PM EST as we discussed what happened, whats going to happen, and who is the next HOH!

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