422: Sell a Third Box

03.17.2021 - By Accidental Tech Podcast

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The Wheel(s) of Shame™
ProClip USA MagSafe holder
Tesla Model Y vs. Ford Mach-E
Tesla Model Y
Ford Mach-E


Clubhouse no longer requires contacts access

Long writeup (via Marc Kagan)

Family photo sharing clarifications

Shared Albums
Shared Album Limits
1Password for Families
Grosse Point Blank

Moving your data around

privacy.apple.com (via Ezekiel Elin)
Data Transfer Project (via Igor Makarov)

Verge write-up

Got Your Back (via Hung Nguyen)

The Horcrux

Why the iMac Pro was discontinued (via Sören)

Skylake-X and Skylake Xeon-W Discontinued

RIP HomePod

iPod Hi-Fi


Why aren’t there more background notifications from apps that aren’t running? (via Nathanael Mol)
Why does Overcast do processing server-side? (via Michael Hellwig)
How much of iOS is still macOS? (via Surabh Kulkarni)

Post-show: iMac Color Rumor

20 Macs for 2020
13 Colors of iMac
Blue Whale Montior

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