SERIES 3: Episode 4 - 21 Bridges, Jules Swain, Meg & Bee, Poem, Jonathan Adler, DJ Deck, The Bureau

01.29.2021 - By Making The Cut with Davina McCall & Michael Douglas

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This is Making the Cut, hosted by Davina McCall and Michael Douglas! We've just worked on a project together, so we're lucky enough to be in the same room for this episode. And we're also very lucky to have a sponsor for this ep! Meg & Bee is one of Davina's favourite handbag companies - check them out at and use the offer code MAKINGTHECUT15 for 15% off! We're also chatting about Chadwick Boseman in 21 Bridges, Jules Swain's twitter account, Jonathan Adler's interiors, a DJ deck, and the TV series The Bureau. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.
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