Serverless is your competitive advantage

12.08.2020 - By Software Engineering Unlocked

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In this episode, I talk to Nader Dabit. Nader is a web and mobile developer, who specializes in building cross-platform and cloud-enabled applications. Right now, he works at Amazon Web Services, where he develops features in the client team and improves developer experience. Before, he founded his own training company, specializing in React Native, and trained engineers from organizations such as Microsoft, Amazon, the US Army, and many more.

We talk about:
- how he managed to build a following on almost every popular social platform,
- how he got started with his own training company focusing on React Native
- what serverless means, and why you should care about it,
- how to build an MVP using a serverless-first mindset,
- and how frontend developers can leverage serverless technologies to become a full-stack developer.

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