Sexy Bedtime Stories

By Mitch Munroe

What's Sexy Bedtime Stories about?

For years I have been using story telling in our bedroom. Lori would get very quickly excited as i was getting bolder and bolder, the more passionate we got, the more explicit, they got, and i never ended up completing the story.She always said that I should write a book about these stories, but now with this Covid-19, epidemic, and time on my hands I decided to podcast some of our experiences As our live expanded we became Swingers "Life Style" and had the opportunity to build our own experiences, this is a tale of our last 4 experiences, that now are your bed time stories.Enjoy them! Marc @ Lori

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Saturday Morning Sunrise Th...


As sun is getting up, so are Mitch sexual appetite. The night before Had been amazing Melissa and I had hosted a girlfriend of ours to drinks, wine and playtime, but this morning was special. I had wakened to my ...

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