3: SF Reiki Center with Christopher Tellez

02.22.2021 - By Move Better, Feel Great with Ace Morgan

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Christopoher is a Reiki Master, social worker, and community orginizer.
Christopher Tellez is the founder and owner of San Francisco Reiki center, he started practicing Reiki in 2010. Christopher also worked in the social work profession for over two decades and holds a master degree from Columbia university school of social work.
Christoper sees clients that are experiencing trama, greif, anxiety and depression, those going through surgery, members of the LGBTQI community, peopel with HIV, children, people working on changing negative thoughts and belief patterens and on occasion with annimals.
This interview is talking about what reiki is, how it works and so much more with Christopher,  he  tells his story of how Reiki has changed his life.

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