Ep. 2559 - Shadow Players Are The Deadliest [Stealth], Pain Coming, Magic Sword

08.24.2021 - By X22 Report

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Trump and the patriots have now trapped the Biden administration, the covid relief is now running out, inflation is hitting at the same time, if they add taxes on top of all this the economic disaster is going to come back to haunt Biden and the [CB].  Meanwhile gold and crypto are moving up. The [DS] have now been put into position by the patriots. Devolution is activated, which means there are shadow players, they are stealth, pain coming. Operators are active, they are ready to go. The [DS] is now pushing everything they can to keep control but they are losing at a rapid pace. The people are now awake, the people are pushing back, not just in the US but around the world. The patriots are making sure the [DS] does not know exactly when the forensic audit is going to drop. When to expend ammunition?

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