She Fell Off the Mountain and Died

01.13.2017 - By The Work of Byron Katie

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A woman does The Work with Byron Katie on her upset with her partner, who fell off a mountain in Yosemite and died. She feels sick when she thinks of the situation. "These emotions don't happen," Katie says, "unless we're witnessing images of past and future. That's why people love living in the now--in reality." When the woman turns the statement around to "She fell off the mountain, and I died," she finds that this is as true or truer, and she sees that her pain is not about her partner at all, but about herself. "Even sadness is a tantrum," Katie says. "It's a war with what is. When we get still, we see that our bereavement is really all about ourselves." By the end of their inquiry together, the thought "She abandoned me" no longer has any truth for the woman, and she begins to find humor in her original statements. "Love includes; fear excludes." —Byron Katie, Website: Webcasts: Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: ©2013 Byron Katie International, Inc. All rights reserved.

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