Shirley Mooney on The New Zealand Quilt Show Podcast

09.03.2017 - By The New Zealand Quilt Show

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Shirley Mooney has been quilting and creating for more than twenty years. She is adventurous, experimental and prolific – her personal motto (and name of her blog) being ‘don’t wait to create’!
Shirley has a profound love of colour and texture and this is evident when you see her many quilts featuring fabric manipulation either with 3D piecing or fabric weaving, her innovative use of bold striped fabrics, or her eye-catching kaleidoscope blocks.
Not only a quilt maker, Shirley also knits, crochets, garment sews, felts and lately has taken up weaving. She is also a well-known teacher and is constantly evolving new classes for her students – she is full of energy and loves to inspire and motivate. Shirley believes there is a masterpiece inside everyone!
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