#171 - Shooting, Punching & Arugula - The Conscientiousness of Adam "Pacman" Jones

07.30.2019 - By Crime in Sports

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This week, we take a long look at a man who, despite immense talent, was always a bigger force of nature, off the field, than on it. He showed flashes of brilliance, only to have his progress be taken back 2 steps, by yet another arrest. Fighting? Absolutely. Drunken strip club attacks? You know it. Cheating at a casino? Threatening the lives of police? Punching a woman? Indeed. And then some. He's truly one of the most requested episodes that we've had, and it's still better than anyone could have hoped for!

Answer a racial slur with a pool cue to the face, attack a dancer when she tries to pick up the money that you threw down for her, and always make sure to have the best arugula possible with Adam "Pacman" Jones!!

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