Short Stories of Misadventures in Morocco

By Author Matthew Felix | Novelist • Storyteller • Humor, Short Stories, and Travel Writer

What's Short Stories of Misadventures in Morocco about?

Select true stories excerpted from the book "With Open Arms: Short Stories of Misadventures in Morocco” (#1 Amazon Bestseller: Kindle Morocco * Books Morocco * Kindle Africa * Books Africa) and two bonus interviews. [o] Awarded Three 2018 Solas Awards for Travel Writing and a Soul-Making Keats Literary Award. [o] "Matthew's prose is a dance between the richness and delicacy of poetry and the bawdy, acerbic wit of a standup comic." - The Best Travel Writing, Volume II contributor Keith Skinner [o] When Matthew had to renew his European visa, his point of exit was obvious: he was going to Morocco. Memories of his previous trip filled him with anxiety. What was he thinking? After everything that had happened, did he really want to go back? Scams. Altercations. Mishaps. But also humor and beauty. His curiosity overcoming his fears, his second trip would prove as unforgettable as the first. [o] Read by the author. [o] Music Credits: "Mining by Moonlight" by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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When Matthew and his three travel companions travel to a remote desert village, they’re stunned by the beauty—and mortified by an unexpected visitor.

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