133. Should Everyone Try Making Cheese at Home? | Robyn Jackson of Cheese From Scratch | Homestead Cheesemaking

05.19.2022 - By Simple Farmhouse Life

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If you have ever thought of making cheese at home but have been overwhelmed at the idea, this episode is for you!  Robyn of Cheese From Scratch joins me to talk all things cheesemaking.  Robyn’s desire is to make this skill accessible to everyone.  We talk about how cheesemaking can become a normal part of your everyday routine, just like any other skill on the homestead.  A common misconception is that cheesemaking is just for those who own a dairy animal, but this isn’t true!  Anyone can learn to make cheese from scratch.
In this episode, we cover:

The distinction between homestead and professional cheesemaking
How to decide what type of cheese to make
Addressing some common fears about the safety of making cheese at home
The easiest cheeses to start with
How cheesemaking mimics what happens naturally in a calf’s stomach
Which supplies you need to buy and which supplies you can DIY
Surprising ways to repurpose all of the leftover whey
The secret to incorporating cheesemaking into your everyday life

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