Ep. 105: Should I Read the News?

06.14.2021 - By Deep Questions with Cal Newport

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 - How do you apply deep work when your job is entirely shallow? [4:37]
 - Is batching emails a few times a day a good practice? [12:20]
 - Why are some tips for managing the flow of emails and texts from clients? [19:54]
 - What am I (Cal) working during my teaching sabbatical this spring? [26:45]
 - What are the ideal ratios for writing, thinking, and reading in a day? [29:47]
 - Can I (Cal) elaborate on how I track deep work? [34:17]
 - How do you avoid easing up on the gas after tenure? [35:58]
 - How do I teach my kids to appreciate career capital? [40:08]


 - How does Cal Newport handle stress? [46:44]
 - how much news should I be reading? [51:55]
 - Is there a connection between Stephen Covey's saw and Newport's buckets? [57:59]
 - How do you (Cal) deal with failure and setbacks? [1:00:21]

Thanks to Jay Kerstens for the intro music.

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