Ep. 085, Signs of Depression

05.08.2017 - By Mental Health Today

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Signs of Depression If you think you may have depression or if you think someone you know has depression this episode is for you. Depression is an often misunderstood emotion and many simply try to deny it. But, depression should never be ignored.  In this episode, John talks about the difference between feeling, 'down-in-the-dumps' and full blown depression. John talks about the current situation with the flooding in his home town to address this important topic. A few signs of depression that John talks about: Withdraw Sudden personality change Lack on interest Change in appetite and sleep patterns Learn what the biggest thing to do if you are depressed or if you want to help someone who is in this episode.  Support the Show You can support the show by visiting www.thementalhealthtodayshow.com or www.patreon.com/johnpcordray Follow The Mental Health Today Show on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thementalhealthtodayshow   As always, thanks for listening! John

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