510 Simple Wooden Boxes

08.23.2015 - By Matt's Basement Workshop HD Video Feed

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Every year I try to help my wife's business by making wedding boxes for her clients. They're simple and plain and are made to hold a few pictures and maybe a CD or other archive of the images from their happy occasion. This year we changed things up a bit, and went with a new design. One that's easier for me to build and batch out, often using not much more than some smaller scraps and off-cuts that normally might be thrown out or burned in a campfire. The joinery for this easy to build box is also quite simple. Grooves, rabbets and a miter are all there is to it, all joinery that can be accomplished on a table saw alone or with a variety of tools if you prefer. Simple and understated, this box can be built completely for utilitarian purposes or dressed up for something more elegant. Enjoy! Tools featured in today's video include: Bessey Web Clamp Kreg Bandsaw Fence Whiteside Router Bit Steel City Tool Works 14" Band Saw Bench Dog ProMax RT Bench Dog Feather-Loc Double Featherboard Milescraft Push Stick SawStop Cabinet Saw Help support the show - please visit our advertisers

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