[Simplify & Enjoy] Creating SMART Family and Financial Goals

11.10.2021 - By Couple Money Podcast

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Today we’ll go over key steps on how to make and achieve your big family financial goals for next year!  How to Set Up (And Achieve) Your Family’s Financial Goals As 2021 winds down, now is a great time to set up some pieces with your finances so you can knock things out of the ballpark in 2022.    Last week I went into how we’ve done year end reviews. They’ve been a wonderful way for us to get a snapshot of the progress we made and identify areas where we may want to adjust.    Most of the numbers reviewed are automated. There are some fantastic options out there like Personal Capital, Mint, Tiller, and You Need a Budget that can pull the numbers from your accounts into one neat dashboard.    However a year end review is just that - a review. If we want to level up for the next year, we have to have some blueprint or plan.    Here’s where it’s key for us to create our family financial goals. They give us a guide on how to allocate or prioritize our money for the year.    Today I want to walk you through some critical parts of that process so you can craft a game plan for next year and beyond.    In this episode, we’re going to look at how you can tackle some major hurdles families have with creating and reaching their financial goals. We’ll discuss: Creating better family and financial goals by taking the three most popular money goals families set and turning them into SMART goals Crafting a plan so you develop key habits that make it easier to hit your goals Finding time to adopt these new habits and systems Are you ready? Let’s get started!  Resources to Build Up Your Family Finances Together Best Budget and Money Apps: Personal Capital, Tiller, Mint Grow Your Stash Faster: High Yield Savings with CiT Bank Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money Join Our Thriving Families Community on Facebook Tiny Changes with Big Results The Power of Habits Thank You to Our Sponsor Coastal! Support for this podcast comes from Coastal Credit Union. If you’re living in the Raleigh Durham area and looking to bank better, come check out Coastal today! We've been members for years and love their service and competitive rates on checking and savings accounts! Thank you so much for listening to the podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and found it helpful, here are some ways to support it. Spread the word! If you enjoyed this episode and think it can help a buddy get on the path to dumping debt and become financially free, please share. Leave a review. Honest feedback and reviews make a big difference and gets the word out about the podcast. Leave your review on Apple or Stitcher. Grab a copy of Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money. 

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