Single Family Vs. Multifamily Investing

04.05.2022 - By Jake and Gino Multifamily Investing Entrepreneurs

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On this episode of Movers & Shakers, Gino and Josh interview Ryan Johnson. Ryan began investing in real estate in 2017. His experience includes land acquisitions, fix and flip projects, and small multifamily development. In 2020 he shifted his focus to acquiring and operating commercial multifamily assets. Ryan holds an M.S. in Anesthesiology and is a practicing Nurse Anesthetist in Houston, TX. Ryan leads the investor relations team at GenWealth Capital Group and also oversees construction management. He is invested in 138 units as General Partner and 228 units as a limited partner. He also has six units in the development pipeline for his personal portfolio. Key Insights: 00:00 Introduction 02:20 Single family vs multifamily 08:36 Shifting identity from a well-known anesthesiologist to a multifamily investor 12:12 Like-minded community helps in enhancing the mindset 16:54 Under promise and over deliver 22:32 Proper planning prevents poor performance 26:52 Expanding your knowledge, beliefs and mindset 28:30 Book recommended: 'Who Not How' 29:29 Wrap-up Attend our Live Events: About Jake & Gino Jake & Gino are multifamily investors, operators, and mentors who have created a vertically integrated real estate company that controls over $175,000,000 in assets under management. They have created the Jake & Gino community to teach others their three-step framework: Buy Right, Finance Right and Manage Right®, and to become multifamily entrepreneurs. Subscribe to this channel: Sign up for free training: The resources you need to succeed at every level of apartment investing: Apply for Mentorship: #realestate #multifamilyrealestate #multifamilyinvesting #investing #apartmentinvesting Jake & Gino Facebook: Jake & Gino Twitter: Jake & Gino Linkedin: Jake & Gino Instagram: More ways to engage with the Jake & Gino Investor Community: MM5: Rand Cares: Henson Flooring: The 100 Year Real Estate Investor: Austin Preview Event: Register for our Closers Club 5 Webinar (March 8, 2022):

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