Sinister Six Clues Hidden in Spider-Man Far From Home?

07.13.2019 - By Inside Marvel: An MCU Podcast

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Spider-Man Far From Home Easter Eggs setting up a Sinister Six sequel? How Spider-Man 3 set up the Sinister Six? Boost your credit score instantly for FREE. It’s only available at
Who will be the MCU Sinister Six? Could Mysterio return, and join Vulture and Scorpion from Spider-Man Homecoming? What clues did you miss from Spider-Man Far From Home that could establish Norman Osborn, Green Goblin, and Oscorp in the MCU? Erik Voss breaks down the possible Sinister Six Easter Eggs in Far From Home, and how J Jonah Jameson from the post-credit scene could lead to the rise of the Sinister Six in New York.
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