SIR 007 : Chinese, Mandarin

10.30.2014 - By I Say It Right

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Say it Right in Mandarin Chinese – The Fastest Way to Correct Pronunciation!
Mandarin Chinese lesson on how to pronounce greetings, days, months numbers and season, a great beginning to help you  understand tones. Listen to I Say it Right in Chinese audio podcast and follow along in your Say it Right in Chinese phrasebook and learn Chinese. 
Mandarin Chinese is a fascinating language that is melodic and written with encompassing character. The definition of character is charm; appeal, atmosphere, and written Chinese characters embolden all these adjectives.
With I Say it Right Vowel Symbol System you can easily learn about tones, how they operate in the language and why they are so important in the pronunciation of Chinese. The rules of pronunciation are automatically applied in the Vowel Symbol system of representation and are visually easy for you to understand. For example, the second tone is a rising tone and reflected by the vowel symbol slightly tilting upward to prompt you to pronounce this vowel from a mid to high pitch, similar to the upward pitch in the English word What?, when asking a question. The importance of this visual prompt cannot be understated and the benefit to correct pronunciation is undeniable.

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