SIR 010 : I Say It Right in English for Everyone

04.27.2015 - By I Say It Right

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SIR 010 : I Say it Right in English special guest “Phrase Kid”  teaches you to Pronounce 50 states and their capitals.
I Say It Right is proud to announce English for Everyone beginning with I Say it Right in English, understanding the Schwa in American English.  "Phrase Kid" will pronounce the U.S. states and their capitals using the EPLS Vowel Symbol System of pronunciation.
The Schwa is a magical, behind the scenes worker in English. In simple terms it is a vowel, however; its’ short or reduced sound dramatically affects spoken English, turning it from simple to fabulous! 
I Say It Right is introducing these very important English reduced vowel sounds in the audio pronunciation of the 50 states and their capitals by special guest "Phrase Kid". You can download an accompanying PDF and follow along and Say It Right! The EPLS Vowel Symbol System makes it easy for you to spot the Schwa incorporating a specially crafted font symbol. This will prompt you to glide this sound right into the consonant.
So, come on and "Get Your English On"!

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