SIR 009 : Spanish for Real Estate Professionals

01.12.2015 - By I Say It Right

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I Say It Right podcast, Spanish for Real Estate Professional delivers Spanish greetings, 30 common real estate terms and teaches users how to say "Thank You" in twelve languages.
Real Estate is always fluid! Success in sales requires an understanding of real estate geography and continuing education. In real estate, communication is at the heart of turning a potential client into a happy property owner. I Say it Right offers an opportunity to tap into different markets through language and culture. Clients absolutely feel more comfortable when you can speak even a few words in their language!
Can you pronounce the following words in Spanish; Bienes raíces, Coredor, Impuesto, Título. Do you know what they mean?
A recent survey of over 3000 realtors revealed that China is the Number one foreign buyer of single-family homes in the US.  Although many foreign buyers have their own translators when purchasing real estate, there is no doubt that a few well-pronounced words and phrases can make a great impression with clients!

Say it Right dispels common myths such as you can't learn a language at any age, that repetition is the only way to learn a language and there are no other options on the market. There are many reasons to have fun with languages and now, there is no reason not to try. Say it Right is available in book format and digital format for your mobile devices.

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