SJP #89: Simplify Your Health + Wellness with Megan Dahlman

03.12.2020 - By Simply Joyful Podcast with Kristi Clover | Encouragement for your Faith and Family

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Today we have my new friend Megan Dahlman on the show. She is the mastermind behind I say mastermind because this woman is the master of fitness and nutrition. She is a mom, and she gets it. That's what I love about her. Megan knows what a post-partum body feels like. She knows what it's like to have screaming children needing your attention in the middle of trying to work out. She also knows what it's like to hide in the closet and eat chocolate—that endeared me to her right there. Megan does a lot of fitness coaching, and she even has a website dedicated to telling women how to get healthy and simple ways for moms to get fit. One thing to know about Megan is that she's not a model or an athlete, in fact, she'll tell you that she's really mediocre in all those areas. She does know so much about health, fitness, nutrition, and about being a mom. She worked in the fitness industry for over a decade and after getting fed up, she started her own company, Strong Mommas.  I do want to note, I'm putting a little bit of parental guidance on this episode. I know we've talked about my eating disorder in the past, but we go into a little more detail in this episode. If you're a mom, I'd love for you to listen to this episode before passing it along to your daughters (or sons). I just wanted to be careful about this topic of conversation.  Get links and show notes here: Find out more information about my new book here:  I know that you’re going to love this interview with Megan! Get ready to be encouraged!

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