Skafos Applied Machine Learning Podcast

By Miriam Friedel

What's Skafos Applied Machine Learning Podcast about?

In this podcast, Skafos Head of Data Science, Dr. Miriam Friedel, interviews data science leaders who have experience integrating machine learning into products to drive business value. Come and hear about how to successfully merge AI, software engineering, and product to deliver the power of machine learning the way you’ve always wanted. Through these conversations, we hope you get a sense of all the exciting ways that you can use ML to build your business.

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S01 Episode 05: Tom Pinckne...


Tom Pinckney, Vice President at eBay, leads eBay’s advertising, recommendation and search teams. Previously, Tom was a co-founder of several successfully acquired startups, and he graduated from MIT with both a BS and M Eng. in Computer Science. In this ...

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