SL-2 How the Pandemic Highlighted the Need for Data-Driven and Diverse Leadership

10.13.2020 - By Data Futurology - Leadership And Strategy in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science

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Anu Madgavkar is a partner at McKinsey Global Institute and she’s done important research on Covid-19’s effect on gender inequality and the future of women at work.
Anu talks about the diversity dividend and the compelling statistics supporting it. A study from +1000 companies around the world, found that organizations in the top quartile in terms of diversity in C-suite executives are 25% more likely to outperform in terms of profitability and long-term value creation. This holds true for gender and ethnic diversity. Also, companies in the bottom quartile are 29%  more likely to underperform, resulting in lower profitability or average value creation.

"I started focusing more on this notion that there’s a really leaky pipeline and a lot of women do dropout, and as you start thinking about that and navigating your own journey through that I think I got a lot more interested in why does this matter to the world at large, to economies and to women around the world."

"Looking out 10 years I would say that the pace at which automation is changing the inherent work that we are all doing, that is going to accelerate and that is going to affect all people in the workforce."

"Both automation as well as the trend towards more alternative work arrangements will both likely accelerate post-covid."

"It’s a period of great innovation and experimentation and I think we really need to embrace this time to be more aggressive and experiment with more gender-friendly ways of support, both on the government policies side as well as the business side."

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