Sleep Wave - Sleep Meditations & Stories

By Karissa Vacker

What's Sleep Wave - Sleep Meditations & Stories about?

Struggle to fall asleep? Relax and fall to sleep with original sleep meditations and bedtime stories. Jump into bed, press play and drift away to deep and restful sleep. Hosted by Karissa Vacker, an award-winning voice and meditation guide bringing you an original Sleep Meditation every week. Sleep Wave has been designed with love, to help you relax and fall asleep quickly and peacefully each night, so you can wake up happy.

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Sleep Meditation - Get Slee...


In tonight's Sleep Meditation with Karissa we're going to meditate on the magical, mystical moon and all it gives us - light, peace, beauty, balance, and so much more. Allow the glowing light of the moon to soothe you into ...

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