SleepyCast S2:E26 - [Calipornia Creamin]

04.15.2017 - By SleepyCabin

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It's been a while. For all of us. Stamper, Chris, and Mick sit down to shoot the sleepy shit, here in sunny sultry California. So dust off a seat, plant your plump ass down, and chill a while...but only if you so desire, my friends.

Let's get this flaming circus caravan on the road.


Your hosts for the evening:
Oney (Chris) - (
Stamper - (
Ricepirate (Mick) - (

Podcast editing by:
Ricepirate (Mick)

Additional "intermission" music by:
Kevin Macleod (

Thanks to all the fans, past patrons, haters, mothers, mother's dogs that look like naked rats screamin' like murdered goats, THANKS TO ALL Y'ALL for your support. Much love.


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