Small Farm Nation

By Tim Young:

What's Small Farm Nation about?

Hosted by Tim Young of, this is THE podcast about the business of small-scale family farming and homesteading. Addressing questions such as, how to market and grow your farm business? How to find customers, sell at farmers markets, grow your CSA and build your farm email list? How do you go from having a garden hobby to a farm business? These are just some of the big questions that Tim Young dives into on the Small Farm Nation podcast (formerly Self-Sufficient Life). The key to realizing your dream of having a successful sustainable farm is first understanding that it's not a's a business. And all businesses need customers, which is why farm marketing is so critical. From building your farm brand and email list to selling at farmers markets, launching a CSA or figuring out how to sell to restaurants, each episode will inspire you with farm marketing tips so you can take action to grow your farm business, whether you're already a market gardener, sustainable farmer or a homesteader with farm dreams.

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7 Winter Farm Marketing Tips

12.26.2020 So it’s December and we’re winding down the farm season. While that means we have fewer chores to do, we still have farm chores, right? Frozen water troughs, hay that’s gotta be dished out, pigs still need to be ...

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