So Many Bros From Florida! A Bachelorette Contestant Preview

05.13.2019 - By Off Topic with Kyra and Jess

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Previously we did a Bachelor contestant preview so we thought it would only be fair to do a Bachelorette contestant preview for this upcoming season. Before we get started on that we find out who Kyra would be if she was a Game of Thrones character, what Jess would say to Carrie Underwood in real life if she got to meet her, and other extremely important topics that we know you are dying to hear about. We then review all the contestants, trying our best - but failing, to not be super judgmental. We pick our favorites and wonder why most of these guys can't dress themselves normally, so many of them are from Florida, and why in the world we can't ever find an Asian contestant on this show. Follow along with us here:

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