Ep 156 Solo: Lessons from Rock Bottom & Why I am Taking a Podcast Hiatus

08.28.2019 - By The Balanced Blonde // Soul On Fire

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The Balanced Blonde is taking a hiatus! Recently Jordan had surgery to help with crazy jaw pain caused by bacteria from Lyme disease. That kind of surgery is really painful, and Jordan was taking a pain medication called Tramadol. 24 hours after the surgery Jordan also took a lot of chlorella and a THC/CBD pill, and this caused a reaction where she felt like all her organs were shutting down. Jordan didn’t know this but Tramadol and THC should never be taken together. This can cause a heart attack, stroke and even death. For the rest of the week Jordan was exhausted, in a lot of pain and terrified by the experience. She journaled, meditated and came to the conclusion that she wanted to put more energy into healing for her wedding in November and for her life in general. Jordan plans to be back with the podcast early next year. In the meantime, she’s re-releasing eight of her favorite episodes from this year. Her course, Waking Back Up To Your Own Soul, will be launching again sometime in September. Jordan will also be trying bee venom therapy and working on another book. 

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