#297: Solo Q+A - Eating Late At Night, Training For Fat Loss, Weight Loss Patience, Vitamin Supplements and Dealing with Loneliness!

10.05.2020 - By The Brian Keane Podcast

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Today’s podcast is a solo Q+A covering a wide range of topics from nutrition, training and supplements to some questions about my personal life and thoughts around mindset. Enjoy.      Will eating late at night make me fat or is it just a myth? 04:08     Best training program for weight loss? 12:33     Are you a fan of supplementing with vitamins and minerals? Thinking of getting some vitamin D and maybe some b12 20:51     How do I become more patient with my weight loss 29:01     What’s your next big event? 36:48     Who do you live with? 39:00     Do you think in the current climate, new PT’s should move online straight away? 43:26     Do you ever feel ‘alone’ or lonely and what’s the best way to handle it? 48:43     I love the question you ask on the podcast but What are you most excited about right now?  56:14   Today’s podcast is sponsored by Thryve   If you want to take gut health seriously, visit trythryve.com/briankeane and join thousands of people who have taken charge of their digestive health with the help of Thryve at home gut health tests.  Also check out the special offer for Brian Keane Podcast listeners and get 10% off your first month at trythryve.com/briankeane with code: CODE KEANE at checkout* *The shipping is for US customers. Ireland and UK customers need to use DHL to return original sample.    SHOWNOTES:  Last solo Q+A 265: https://briankeanefitness.com/podcast/265-qa-body-fat-tracking-no-carbs-post-workout-my-average-day-personal-growth-books-and-living-below-your-means/   The online business podcast https://briankeanefitness.com/business-podcast/   How to move your PT business online course https://briankeanefitness.com/online-business-course/   Rewire Your Mindset course (new): https://briankeanefitness.com/rewire-your-mindset-course/   Lets Get Checked: https://www.letsgetchecked.com/ie/en/   KEANE30 for 30% off first time orders    BKF Online Course: https://briankeanefitness.com/bkf-online/

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