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What's Solvable about?

Solvable will be a recurring showcase for the world’s most inspiring thinkers to propose solutions to the world’s most daunting problems. With a public launch at the 60th Anniversary of Rockefeller’s Bellagio Center in June 2019, Solvable will draw on Bellagio’s past to explore the major challenges facing humanity over the next 60 years – within the life expectancy of people in their twenties and younger. Meetings at Bellagio played a central role in the Green Revolution, credited with rescuing a billion people from starvation, and vaccine initiatives that have since the early 1980s immunized hundreds of millions of children and saved countless lives.

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Disordered Eating and Disco...


Bri Campos is a licensed mental health counselor and body image coach. She works with clients to improve their relationships with food and with their bodies and to approach health in a holistic way. Here are links to resources recommended ...

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