1.7:Source Point

05.17.2019 - By The 12:37

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Episode Notes

Content Warnings: implied sexual content, mild violence.

Nora and Val attempt to sort out their relationship; elsewhere on board, a rift in time and space opens.

The 12:37 is a Queer Sci-Fi audio drama created and written by Alma Roda-Gil. Keep up with us at our website or on Twitter. If you like what we do, you can support us on Patreon. A transcript for this episode is available here.

This episode featured voice work from Nancy Ashcroft, Niall Carey, Harry Whittaker, Lucille Valentine and Alma Roda-Gil, with guest appearances from Kate Youmans and Josh Rubino. Our artwork is by Lucinda Livingstone. Our theme tune and soundtrack are by Jennifer Doveton.

This episode featured 'Floating cities' by Kevin MacLeod.

This episode used the following sound effects from freesound.org: Door Slam.MP3 by FunWithSound, Hard Punch to Gut (No Effects Only Mixing) by EFlexMusic, PUNCH-BOXING-03.wav by newagesoup  Vinyl start crackle 1 by lulyc  steps in high heels.wav by anagar  office busy stock exchange reverberant behind g... by kyles Sliding Noise V2.wav by cbenci Basements, general ambiance with metalic clanki... by Martin.Sadoux electricsparks.mp3 by Connum  stun.wav by RunnerPack  Pulse laser.wav by HuvaaKoodia  Power Down by noirenex  JacobsLadderSingle2.flac by Halleck  Electric Zap - Electricity by Wakerone  asseoirchaise3.wav by MaxDemianAGL  Key noises.wav by sKydran  sfx: doorknob twist release by chromakei  Footsteps on concrete by florianreichelt  Seaside-Town-Atmos Ambience Atmosphere by NLM  Whoosh by qubodup  Digital Alarm Loop.wav by bbrocer  Knock on the door by HunteR4708  Zipper04.wav by sound_ims  Thick Bed Cover Sheet Blanket Ruffle (16-44.1).wav by cmorris035  Pillow Foley by ChazzRavenelle  24.Push.wav by miguelab1998  Stumble and Fall.wav by danhelbling body falling down by launemax  skin-02.wav by martian train ambience by vlatko blazek

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