Spanish Audiobooks

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What's Spanish Audiobooks about?

All material is presented in simplified Spanish and narrated at a slow pace so you can take the time to understand all words and phrases. This audio book started as Explorando Latinoamérica, a part of News In Slow Spanish, and now we've collected all episodes on this site. Even if you just started learning the language, this will be a great source of Spanish vocabulary, Spanish grammar forms, and Spanish pronunciation. Spend some time learning about new and fascinating places and customs, while dramatically improving your Spanish comprehension skills!

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Hola Viajeros - Argentina -...


En el mundo hay más de 400 millones hablantes de español. Pero ¿sabían que cerca de 350 millones de ellos viven en Latinoamérica? Desde su origen en España, el idioma se ha expandido por el continente americano y otros rincones ...

Spanish Audiobooks episodes: